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In just a few lessons he has pointed out a few things that have already started making a difference. I like how he implements the latest technology in a way that does not dominate the experience. He is patient, professional, personable, and a good listener. Not pushy. I’ll keep going back.

– Eric Towel

As a fellow golf coach I met with Tom for a lesson. He showed me the latest in technology and highlighted the minor issues with my swing. Using swing catalyst force plate I can now use my weight more efficiently and to my advantage to gain yet more distance. Outstanding service and knowledge.

– Brian Gibson

Tom is very knowledgeable and friendly. Being a tour player he offers valuable insight and experience to the student. He is able to spot the problem immediately and offer good remedy to improve the swing. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Bangkok for a short visit.

– David Sung

Tom shows maturity and patience beyond his age. He is persistent and analytical. He delivers results in the shortest time. Wonderful “ breakdown service” when things go wrong on another continent. Highly recommended.

– Johannes Somers

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