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Golf Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner and learning golf to have fun with friends or more advanced and seeking to take your game to the next level it’s important to have a clear vision and plan with short and long term goals. By doing this it will help you achieve your full potential and make golf more fun and enjoyable.

At Tom Dingwall Golf Academy, each of their golf professionals will evaluate your full game in the first lesson and give their honest opinion on your strengths and weaknesses with a detailed summary of what they will work on with you to achieve your golfing goals and targets.

During the golf lessons, the professionals will use Foresight Sports launch monitors. Using their product, GC Quad ‘the worlds most advanced launch monitor’ you can see exactly what the golf ball and club head are doing at impact. Some of these features include the ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, side spin, carry distance, club head speed, club path, angle of attack, face angle, impact location and many more. Using this technology eliminates any guessing and provides real factual data. Combining this with the Foresight FSX software also allows the professional and student to practice and play on different golf courses.


In each golf lesson, Swing Catalyst, the number 1 video analysis software on the market will also be used. This softwares capture live videos integrated with fast cameras so you can analyse golf swings in slow motion.

For putting lessons, the academy has SAM Putt Lab technology. This is a unique high-tech system that measures and analyses all movement details of your putting stroke.

For short game lessons, the Foresight launch monitors can be used to analyse the ball and club data and there’s also a large outdoor rooftop short game area. This includes a bunker, chipping area and large putting green. Using this is ideal for improving the short game and very unique for downtown Bangkok.

Golf course lessons are also highly recommended and very popular. Once a golfer’s technique has been improved through golf lessons it’s very important to take this to the golf course and learn how to perform to your full potential. Golf course lessons also help the students learn more about strategy, shot selection, awkward lies, short game shots, green reading, psychology and many more must know low scoring secrets!

As well as learning golf with some of the best golf professionals in Thailand, using the best launch monitors and video analysis software gives all of the students at Tom Dingwall Golf Academy the best chance of making fast, long lasting and consistent improvements to their golf.

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